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Storm Water Compliance

SWCProvincial and Municipal governments require maintenance of storm water treatment systems to ensure that water quality/quantity standards are consistent with design specifications over time. All stormwater treatment systems - whether natural or manufactured - require maintenance. Failure to maintain a stormwater treatment system may result in fines, loss of business, or more severe penalties to the owner.

If a stormwater management system is not inspected annually, you may be unaware when performance affecting service is necessary.  It may ultimately cease to perform the Environmental function for which it was designed and you may risk a discharge and the subsequent costs of environmental cleanup.

SWC Scheduled inspections fulfil your obligations in the environmental section of your Storm Water Permit. Inspections by qualified SWC Canada specialists will both ensure that your program is cost-effective and reduce your risk of discharge. Typically, one site inspection annually for a minimum of three years will provide the data necessary to establish a maintenance program based on need.

Reduce Cost, Risk & Hassle

SWCSWC Canada will develop and implement a site-specific stormwater inspection and maintenance program in order to ensure that your site is in compliance with all Provincial and Municipal stormwater management requirements.


SWCCities and Municipalities now require that a Storm Water Operation and Maintenance plan be in place, and have established enforcement measures to ensure compliance.


Inspections & Reports

# Every inspection is supported by an Inspection Report detailing the existing levels of oil / hydrocarbons and particulate matter, as well as the recommended course of action.


Parking Lot & Building Protection

Metalworking Fluids At SWC Canada, we believe that every customer’s situation is unique. Our Storm Water System Inspection and Maintenance services have been designed with your best interests in mind.  Our overall goal is to ensure your capital investment is protected.


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