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Complete Storm Water System Inspections

Inspection of all storm water components on your property from the roof drains to the outlet at the municipal storm system or water course. Including inlet/ outlet control structures, catch basins, manholes, trench drains, swales, ponds, underground retention/detention ponds, oil grit separators/water quality units, low impact development (LID) practices and more. Inspecting systems to ensure proper functionality of all manufactured and natural areas are doing the job as designed and ensuring your property is in compliance with all municipal and local storm water requirements.

Storm Water System Maintenance and Repairs

At SWC Canada we take pride in servicing and maintaining all storm water components on your property.  These include:


Detailed reports of all site activities including sediment/hydrocarbon depths of all structures, before and after images of any maintenance that has been done, observations and recommendations . As a value-added service SWC Canada will deliver and discuss reports to the authorities or any other destination of your choice should you direct us to do so. Otherwise, these reports will be treated as strictly confidential.


Reduce Cost, Risk & Hassle

SWCSWC Canada will develop and implement a site-specific stormwater inspection and maintenance program in order to ensure that your site is in compliance with all Provincial and Municipal stormwater management requirements.


SWC Cities and Municipalities are now requiring that a Storm Water Operation and Maintenance plan be in place, and are taking enforcement measures against those who do not comply.


Inspections & Reports

# Every inspection is supported by an Inspection Report detailing the existing levels of oil / hydrocarbons and particulate matter, as well as the recommended course of action.


Parking Lot & Building Protection

Metalworking Fluids At SWC Canada, we believe that every customer’s situation is unique. Our Storm Water System Inspection and Maintenance services have been designed with your best interests in mind.  Our overall goal is to ensure your capital investment is protected.


Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association Water Environment Association of Ontario

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