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SWC Canada Inc. is a nationwide “Storm Water Management System” Inspection and Maintenance Company.  At SWC Inc. we have three main goals that we aim to achieve with all of our clients: Reducing Your Costs, Simplifying Storm Water Processes and Protecting Your Capital Investments. Further, our team is dedicated to reducing your risk of potentially expensive discharge clean up and or fines.  It is imperative that we ensure our clients are showing due diligence to the regulatory authorities.

Founded in 2006 as the underground water quality/quantity market started to flourish in Canada.
Thousands of storm water management systems were being specified by engineers and installed with Storm Water Retention / Detention and Quality structures being utilized. There was a gap in the industry as all of the systems being specified and installed require Inspection and Maintenance as per the manufactures and local government guidelines. SWC Canada Inc. was created to fill the need in the market place to be proactive vs. reactive company when it comes to your Storm Water discharge responsibilities.


Our Clients

SWC Canada Inc. serves many different types of clients and markets both large and small including:



Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association Water Environment Association of Ontario

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